Benjamin Potter


Born and raised in rural England, Benjamin fell in love with filmmaking at an early age when he discovered the incredible power of cinema, through the work of directors such as Thomas Anderson, Martin Scorsese, Sofia Coppola, Woody Allen and Wes Anderson. Each of these filmmakers had an incredible gift at telling stories and capturing truth in their actors’ performances. After deliberations about leaving England, Benjamin embarked on a journey to NYC where he studied in the prestigious  Conservatory of Theatre Arts & Film at Purchase College, NY. During this time, he was exposed to the work of Fritz Lang, Federico Fellini, Jean Luc Godard and many others, and it made him realize the endless possibilities of storytelling on screen. While each of these auteurs were different, they each had a way of conveying humanity on screen in the rawest form. A decade later, Benjamin is now an award-winning writer and director in Los Angeles, CA where he creates commercials, films, documentaries and other forms of branded content. He is proud of the incredible team of collaborators from different walks of life at CLICKON Studios.

Benjamin has created commercial content for clients such as Red Bull, Adidas, US Navy, AstraZeneca, Special Olympics, Herbalife Nutrition, Southwest Airlines, Chase, Callaway Golf and Cleveland Golf. 

Benjamin's directing work has garnered a Cannes Lion, multiple Shorty Awards, 8 Addy's, numerous Digiday Branded Content Awards, an AdWeek Arc Award and a Gerety to name a few. 

Benjamin Potter Reel

Cleveland Golf Smart Sole

NHS Clap For Carers

Miss America Misconceptions

America's Navy The Wallflower

America's Navy Ready Relevant Learning

America's Navy The Walk On

America's Navy Life Preserver

AstraZeneca Brilinta

AFSP Look Closer PSA

Special Olympics Clovis Unified

Red Bull Part of the Game Sao Paulo

Daniel Jacobs The People's Champion