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Part Of The Game I


The first ever multi-part branded documentary series examining the impact of local culture on the emergence of global esports.

eSports is a global phenomenon, driven by a passionate and engaged millennial audience. Within five years, eSports has already surpassed the viewership of some of the largest sports in the world.

Around the globe, diverse cultures are uniquely embracing eSports and developing their own thriving industries, often in the face of adversity.

Why has Korean culture embraced eSports like no other nation? How has Berlin forged a successful eSports community within such a hostile climate? What aspect of the Danish culture is proving so optimal to developing their skills? Can Russia re-establish itself as an eSports superpower?

“Part Of The Game” places a microscope on the very centre of these multiple eSports cells – exploring the stories from the bustling PC bangs of Seoul to the European eSports hub of Berlin.

This is a first-to-market pioneering series and is a branded content collaboration between CLICKON Media and Red Bull Media House with Brand Acer Predator.

CLIENT: Red Bull Media House & Acer Predator

STUDIO: CLICKON Studios Worldwide


PRODUCER: Jack Stelling

DIRECTORS: Benjamin Potter, Bruno Bolla, Walker Higgins, Cody Ball

RedBull POTG I

RedBull POTG I

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