Walker Higgins


Walker is a filmmaker born, raised, and based in New York City. He fell in love with film at an early age and decided to become a director to spread empathy and go on adventures. By working with CLICKON, he’s been able to do exactly that. His work for Special Olympics, Red Bull, Herbalife Nutrition, and America’s Navy has brought him around the world, meeting people who have expanded his mind and inspired him. He loves creatively overcoming obstacles in order to tell innovative and impactful stories.Recently, Walker’s work on the Moment Series for Special Olympics earned distinction with a Silver at the 2020 Shorty Awards, as well as being named an Honeree at the 24th Annual Webby Awards.

Walker Higgins Reel

Special Olympics Noah's Moment

Special Olympics Catherine & Claude's Moment

America's Navy Selfless

Special Olympics Tajha's Moment